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Wayford Bridge

Bank Boats

Wayford Bridge


NR12 9LN


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At Bank Boats, we are very fortunate in our geographical location.  Based at Wayford Bridge, at the top of the Northern rivers of the Norfolk Broads, we have easy access to the North Walsham & Dilham canal.


This is the only canal in the Broads system – to be a true canal, an Act of Parliament giving permission is required.  This permission was granted to the North Walsham & Dilham canal in 1812.


At the moment, the canal is accessible only to non powered craft – very few motorised vessels can travel here.  This means there is a level of peace & tranquillity rarely found in the rush of modern life – you can hear the splash of the paddles in the water, the sounds of the birds and other animal life, and the leaves on the trees rustling.  This is ‘chill out’ therapy of the highest calibre.


Our facilities include parking, toilets, shower and an on site canoe shop supplying Old Town, ocean kayak, Necky Kayaks, paddles, dry bags, also a number of second hand canoes.


Evening guided trails most evenings through summer, back to base by twilight. £10 per head.approx. 2-3 hours. Canoe courses available at Bank Boats Canoe Centre. BCU star courses available with fully qualified coaches.

Flora & Fauna:

Kingfishers, herons, sparrow hawks, owls, marsh harriers, cormorants, robins, tits, chaffinches,

damsel flies, dragon flies, butterflies, grebes, ducks, coots, moorhens, geese, swans, bream, roach, sticklebacks, perch, pike, water voles, field mice and otters.


Tonnage Bridge, Honing Lock, Wayford Bridge, Hunsett Mill, the Hester.


Please contact Bank Boats for details of their opening times.

Three hour paddle


Head out of Bank Boats dyke and turn left, going under Wayford Bridge. Get a feel for the canoe as you paddle past the houseboats until you get to a fork in the river.


Take the left fork: paddle towards Dilham where you can find the Cross Keys Inn for half way refreshments.


Take the right fork (the preferable option): enjoy an undisturbed paddle through this jungle-like canal. Pass under Tonnage Bridge and off towards Honing Lock. Since no motor boats are allowed up the canal it is extremely peaceful. You can expect to see kingfishers, otters, dragonflies and butterflies. This is a recommended route for wildlife enthusiasts.


Six hour paddle


Turn right out of the dyke and head towards Barton Broad (weather conditions permitting) to explore the river Antas it winds through the marshes. Turn left to head towards Sutton Broad or Stalham (1-2 hours) or keep going across Barton Broad towards Irstead. Explore the edges for a quieter and safer paddle: you'll also see more wildlife this way. Look out for coots, great crested grebes, ducks and swans. Otters have also been spotted regularly on Barton Broad. Keep an eye on the time whilst paddling so that you make it back to base safely.