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Outney Meadow Caravan Park

Outney Meadow

Bungay, Suffolk

NR35 1HG


01986 892338

[email protected]

Outney Meadow Caravan Park is an ideal base to explore East Anglia's coast and towns, within easy walking distance of Outney Meadow Caravan Park is the centre of the historic town of Bungay. Find us just outside Bungay. There is plenty of parking available in our car park, follow signs and come to the reception for canoe hire.


Canoes have the advantage of being totally silent, allowing you to get closer to wildlife whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Waveney Valley, and can be enjoyed by any age. Swans, herons and kingfishers can be seen on the river and, in the summer beautiful damselflies, butterflies and dragonflies. Although otters are living in the river they are not easily seen. Waveney is one of the southern most valleys created in the last ice age, the area is widely used for quarrying sand and shingle deposited at the time of the ice age. The Waveney is a natural river that flows from Lopham Fenn just west of Diss to Great Yarmouth.  

Easter- end of October: 9am- 6pm, 7 days a week.


Please note: 6pm is the time that the last canoe must arrive back. As the nights draw in, the closing time may be a bit earlier.

Flora & Fauna: Swans, otters, kingfishers, freshwater mussels.


Landmarks: Outney Common, golf course (watch out fore erroneous balls), Ditchingham Lodge, the ‘old river’ channel, H Rider Haggard Estate - Georgian Houses

Three hour paddle


This guide is aimed to give you an enjoyable day paddling a canoe along the river Waveney around the “Bungay Loop” from the Outney meadow Campsite upstream to the road bridge.  It is approximately 1 ½ hours from the campsite to the road bridge, so make sure you leave enough time to get back.


Starting from the campsite, paddle upstream (left). There is a fork in the river follow the right channel. The left channel is called the old river. It is the original course of the river before the newer man made channel was dug to supply a mill. Shortly there is a small channel to the right. Stay on the main river an under the small footbridge. On this bend in the river there is often a rope swing, but we don’t recommend you try it. The river here is close to wild woodland. Keep an eye out for kingfishers, otters and herons. On the other side on clear day you have a really good view of the skyline of Bungay.


The river here can be shallow. There is usually plenty of clear water and you can easily see the bottom of the river. Here you can see the workings of the quarry, washing and grading gravel.


Note the row of oak trees. A row like this is quite special. The debris on the fence shows the height of the water when the river floods. This road bridge marks the end of the route we would recommend. During the summer it can be very shallow further upstream.


Six hour paddle


Spend either the full day in the Bungay Loop, a perfect place for picnicking or head towards Geldeston Lock.