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The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads

The Broads executive area, a member of the national park family.


The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads is Britain's largest protected wetland and third largest inland waterway, with the status of a national park. It is also home to some of the rarest plants and animals in the UK. The Broads we see today is a result of centuries of natural processes and interactions between people and their environment. These processes and interactions have created a mosaic of water, fens, marshes, dykes and woodland - a very special wetland.


The Habitat


The Broads is a wetland, dominated by water. The various habitats are linked by water in the form of rivers, streams, ditches and the broads themselves, the famous shallow lakes, which hold vast amounts of water and ensure the wetland's continued existence.  


There are over 200 km of navigable waterways alone, and many more small waterways, which provide a refuge for the wealth of wildlife. There are around 60 broads, which range in size from tiny isolated lakes to huge expanses of water like Hickling Broad. The Broads is the only wetland national park area in the UK and many parts of this unique wetland are designated as being of international importance for wildlife.

The Broads.
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